Beaches of Sint Maarten

Beaches of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin… well, there are 37 beaches to be found in SXM! Some are very small, others are big. There are also beaches with or without any facilities, beach chairs, bars or restaurants. So, we visited most of these beaches and here are our recommendations and view…

Dutch side...

Photo of the stunning Mullet Bay Beach in Sint Maarten, taken from a boat on All Things Sint MaartenOn the Dutch side Mullet Bay Beach is a phenomenal beach, loved by all tourists and locals. The locals will mostly visit during the weekend, so that are the more crowded days. There are beach chairs, sun umbrellas, restaurants and facilities.

At the most famous Maho Beach  you can watch the landing airplanes! It’s a beautiful beach, with Sunset Bar on one side and Tortuga Beach Bar on the other. A must see!

Then there is the Simpson Bay Beach, I really like a lot. There you’ll find beach bars K Like Karakter and Mary’s Boon when you drive to from one side and if you drive true Beacon Hill, you’ll find D (Dinghy’s) Beach Bar. I love their service and their food!

You can choose to spend the day at the Kim Sha Beach. Do some water sports or chill at the Buccaneer Bar.

Great Bay Beach in Philipsburg is great. It’s big and there are many bars and restaurants to choose from. Cheapest beach chairs are at the St. Rose Bar, at $25 for two chairs, umbrella and bucket of 5 drinks – beer or soda. I like their chairs and the beach boy is funny and friendly. Another nice place for a relaxing beach day is the Ocean Lounge at Holland House. They also serve a killer lunch!

If there is a ‘great’, then there is also a ‘little’, so we also have the Little Bay Beach, an amazing beach, especially for snorkling. It’s a bit further from the center of Philipsburg, so if you’re here on a cruise ship, get a taxi.

Cay Bay Beach or better known as Indigo Beach a lovely beach, with a great bar and restaurant The Indigo Beach Restaurant, that also offers beach chairs and sun umbrellas.

If you’re into some small and bit wilder beaches, you can try the Cupecoy Beach. There is a nice, cozy bar (with good food), Dany’s Beach Bar, but the beach offers many small beaches, so if you’re on time, maybe you can secure a private beach as well! This is a ‘clothing optional beach’ by the way, so if you don’t appreciate that, I suggest you move a bit further to the Mullet Beach, or further to Maho or Simpson Bay Beach.

French side...

Photo of Baie Rouge Beach in Saint Martin on All Things Sint MaartenOn the French side, I just love Grand Case, for example Java Beach Club, or Grand Case Beach Club. The beach is lovely in Grand Case, but there is also a picturesque beach, Petit Plage. Right next to the Grand Case Beach Club.

For some more privacy and if you like a short hike before your beach time, go to the Happy Bay Beach – no facilities and clothing optional beach! It’s just a short hike from Friar’s Bay Beach, which is also a beautiful beach, with two restaurants and beach chairs. We preferer to bring our own food and go to the Happy Bay, because we prefer ‘great food’.

Our favorite beach on the French side is Baie Rouge, but it has no facilities at all. So bring a towel, maybe a chair, food and drinks. Watch out to not stay too long in the sun or bring your own sun umbrella. This beach used to have two amazing restaurants, but everything was destroyed after a major hurricane and unfortunatly the French government doesn’t allow new ones. A similar beach is Baie aux Prunes, or better known as Plum Bay Beach. It’s in the gated area, so you need to let the guard know you’re visiting the Plum Bay Beach, they should let you pass. And same for Baie Longue, the Long Beach.

Orient Bay Beach is one of the tourist favorites. A large beach, with many restaurants and shops. Only down side is the Atlantic side of the island, where the beaches are usually much wilder and the nature brings more sargassum. The same goes for Dawn Beach – a beautiful beach, where the stunning resort JW Marriott recently opened.

Anse Marcel Beach is simply incredible! A beautiful beach, with beach chairs, bars, restaurants and other facilities during the season. Check out Le Domeine. In the offseason you can still enjoy this beach – then it offers a lot of privacy, because it’s less crowded. Just make sure to bring your own towel, chair, umbrella, food, drinks or whatever you need for a relaxing day at the beach.

A short ferry ride will bring you to Pinel Island. It’s beautiful, but it’s small and popular, so keep in mind you won’t be the only one there. I didn’t experience it like that, but many people have told me it’s needed to make a reservation, at least if you’re staying for lunch. Don’t forget to take the last ferry back, or you’ll have to sleep there! 😉

SXM Beach Map

Beaches of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin collected and saved in one map. Not all beaches are suitable for everyone. The Atlantic side of the island is wilder. On that side you’ll see more sargassum, waves, swels and strong currents. Some beaches aren’t very touristic, clean or easy to find or reach. If you’re looking for some beautiful and well known SXM beaches, check the ones with a heart ❤️ in the pin.

Map of all SXM beaches - Sint Maarten and Saint Martin