About Us

Elma and Ted at Anse Marcel Saint Martin on All Things Sint MaartenWe’re Elma & Ted from The Netherlands, and we moved to Sint Maarten before we even set one foot on it. It’s one of those ‘When You Know, You Know’- things.

Many people ask, so we should mention that Ted is in IT and I (Elma) Marketing.

Our move was work related for Ted, and we decided to just go and do it. We haven’t felt sorry for a second. We’re enjoying everything this beautiful island has to offer, and that’s why we would love to share that with you. That’s something we’ll be doing right here on this website. On our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube you can find all our photos, videos and stories you need.

We learned rapidly about how things are done in the Caribbean, because of this sudden move. Every weekend is a mini vacation for us, so we’ve had some time to find out about stuff. All about the 37 beaches for example, but also about the bars and many restaurants. This island has so much to offer, which means we have so much to do 🙂

The good and the less good…

We got to meet many people already and we’ve had some fun, but we also learned about less fun stuff. The difference in rules, regulations, culture and simply daily life, are big. I won’t even start about the temperature 😉 When you trade a European country like The Netherlands for a small, but so beautiful, tropical, Caribbean Island like Sint Maarten, it takes time to physically and mentally adapt to everything. You need to get used to the temperature, humidity, tempo, roads… but you know, it’s all worth it!

I will tell you about the island stuff as we see it, and if you have any questions, or need help arranging, booking, finding out about anything else SXM-related, just let me know. I’m happy to help if I can.