Island life

Photo of the beautiful town Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, with palms and fountain on All Things Sint MaartenMaybe you found this website because you are thinking about moving to the Caribbean? Or maybe you’re even considering moving to Sint Maarten or Saint Martin? Our life on this paradise island can be followed via our Facebook, YouTube or Instagram page. Some experiences are (or will be) described in the blogs. So, those would be the best ways to follow us. Anyway, here are some things I can tell you about the general life in SXM for us…

Our Island life

Moving like this made us learn rapidly about how things are done in the Caribbean. There are many nationalities to be found in SXM. That makes it an amazing blend of cultures, languages, cuisines and behaviors.  For us, every weekend is a mini vacation! So, we’ve had some time to find out about the best beaches, bars and restaurants. These are all over the island, so we’re tourists on a vacation all the time.

We got to meet many people and have fun, but we also learned about less fun stuff. The difference in rules, regulations, culture and simply daily life, are big. When you trade a European country like The Netherlands for a small, but so beautiful, tropical, Caribbean Island like Sint Maarten… It takes time to physically and mentally adapt to everything. You need to get used to the temperature, humidity, tempo, roads… but believe me: it’s all worth it!

Photo of Baie Rouge Beach in Saint Martin on All Things Sint Maarten


If you decide to move to SXM, there are some steps to take before you can start your life here. First of all, you need to take care of all your paperwork, as you’re about to become a Sint Maarten or Saint Martin Resident!

If you’re Dutch, there is a chance I can help you a bit. Check first, because there you’ll find all official Dutch information. Also, please check the ‘First time registration’ page from the SXM Government.

If you’re from another country, then it’s impossible for me to figure it out for you. I strongly recommend you check Bright Path Caribbean. They are the most trusted immigration and corporate services provider in Sint Maarten and the English Caribbean. On this page you’ll find a form to book a free Consultation. Use our discount code EH-8852​ that will give you a $100 discount if you decide to use their services. Also, check out their Blog, where you’ll find much more interesting information.

Steps towards your Island life

So, the next step would be ‘Where to live?’, right? Well, you need to choose the part where you want to stay. Dutch part or French part? Touristy or not so much? Beautiful beach within walking distance or the rawer and wilder side of the island? And how many rooms or bathrooms would you like to have? Maybe even a pool? Please let me know if you need a good real estate agent for this, so I can set you up with one I trust.

At first, you’ll rent a car, but it’s cheaper to buy a (used) car. Believe me, you do need a car if you live here. If you choose a new one, the garage will help you, but if you don’t want to pay too much, you’ll check a few Facebook pages, like this one or maybe this one! Or just search ‘SXM’. There you’ll find a lot of offers to choose from, and like a house, you need to consider what kind of car you need. If you’ll be living on a hill or need to cross one daily, then you want a 4×4 with some power, but if you’re only going to use it for grocery shopping every now and then, you can easily go for an i10, the most common car on the island – just please don’t go crossing any hills during heavy rainfall. 😉

Island jobs

Maybe you have a job, maybe you don’t? One of the ways to find a local job is the Daily Herald Vacancies or this Facebook page. But, you can also follow local business on social media.

Savings tips

If you live on the island, you will receive discounts from some business owners. This is often already communicated on their website. Some other ways to save are:

If you are planning on applying for legal residency, starting a business, opening a bank account, or retiring in the Caribbean… Use Bright Path Caribbean and use my $100 discount code. Book a free consultation.

Get a Magic of the Caribbean Card and save 10% at many restaurants, bars, stores and various activities. Check out all cooperating organizations here. We saved the purchase amount of $29 within a week!

When you do your shopping at SuperU or Carrefour, you can request a loyalty card. At SuperU, you save an amount with each purchase. You can redeem this the next time you shop. Or you can continue saving for a while longer. At Carrefour, you save points, which are awarded in the form of a voucher every October. You pick up the voucher at the counter and can redeem it for your groceries.

If you know more ways, please let me know, and I’ll add them.

Now you covered the basics! Ask me if there is anything else you would like to know. Now go to the About SXM page and find out about all the fun stuff you can do now and every day! Enjoy!!