SXM Weather

Photo of Le Gallion Saint Martin - Wild seas during Hurricane Lee on All Things Sint MaartenThe best time to head to Sint Maarten is December to May. This is considered the Dry Season. In a tropical climate like this, it can rain anytime. But we call it ‘showers’ for a reason: they’re never longer than 10 minutes. So, don’t worry about those, especially not on your beach days 😉

June to November are months of the Hurricane Season. Highest chance of hurricane hitting the island is August/ September, but those are statistics, because it’s nature and it can hit in June or October easily as well.

As a traveler, I don’t want to pay the full price every time. So, if I was heading to SXM for a few weeks, I would probably choose to go in June and in November. I’d be a little bit safe, but still just slightly off season, and cheaper.

If you decide to visit during the Hurricane Season, just be aware of some restaurant closures, because the employees also need to go on a vacation every now and then. So, check the places you like to go to first. Complete closures are more typical for the French part, as the Dutch touristy part mostly chooses to close one or two days per week. Things change all the time, it’s an island, so please check first and don’t be caught by surprise.

An easy way to keep up with the weather and tropical storms or hurricanes is to follow Eye4Weather on Facebook. During the Hurricane Season, the most used app for your mobile phone is Windy but a YouTube check of Mr. Weatherman is also a daily activity for many.

Just like at home, always be well prepared for unexpected weather conditions. Stay informed of important news and announcements.