How to spend a few Days in SXM

“I’m in SXM for a few days, next week, what should I do? I’d like to visit some good beaches, restaurants and bars, but also see the island.” This is one of the most common questions I get on our Instagram page or our Facebook. From now on, I’ll be writing blogs instead of only giving an answer via social media…

Photo of Philipsburg Harbour Sint Maarten on All Things Sint MaartenSo, you want to see as much as possible of St. Maarten and St. Martin, but you only have few days on this beautiful island? First: rent a car or fix yourself a (taxi) driver – read here all about the SXM transportation methods.


Spend a day at Great Bay Beach in Philipsburg. This is a lovely and calm beach, and in Philipsburg you can find many great restaurants and bars. Get yourself some beach chairs and a bucket of drinks at St. Rose Bar and have a lunch at Ocean Lounge Holland House. For some local food, you go to Shieka’s in the Backstreet. I must mention Juggie’s Place  and Krave for the (some say) the best burgers of the Caribbean. 😉 If you’re a Star Wars fan, you go visit the Yoda Museum (open only when there are cruise ships) – check out ‘That Yoda Guy Facebook page’.

Photo taken under the Grand Case pier in Saint Martin on All Things Sint MaartenGrand Case

Grand Case has a great, mostly calm and clear beach and I love Cynthia’s Talk of the Town (better known as one of the Lolo’s) for lunch, it’s a must try! A lovely place to relax is Java and for some healthy drinks, food and snacks, Mood is your place to be. Don’t forget to make some photos on and under the Grand Case old pier – check my photo on this page as an example.


In the afternoon, you can drive to Marigot, to do some shopping and to visit Fort St Louis for great views. If you love South African food (like I do), Marigot has a great South African restaurant, Au Passage Gourmand.


Maho Beach for plane spotting is a must-really must-see! Don’t skip that unique experience. If you want to spend some more time there, go to Tortuga, have a beach chair – that’s free when you spend around $25 on drinks, snacks or lunch. You’ll love it there, it’s less crowded and you’ll still see the planes fly very low over the Maho Beach.

Photo of Baie Rouge Beach in Saint Martin on All Things Sint MaartenMullet

Mullet Bay Beach is nearby and amazing, so you could go and check that one out as well or spend another full day there.

Simpson Bay

Dinghy’s Beach Bar, at Simpson Bay Beach is lovely place to spend some time at. The beach chairs are free if you drink/eat there. 


One of the most popular beaches on the French side of the island is Orient Bay Beach. I have to mention that the sea is often very wild and there is mostly some sargassum to be found in the water. The beach bars clean the beaches daily though. I highly recommend you go to Aloha Beach Bar but make a reservation. Their staff is fun, and their food is unbelievably good!

Quiet French beaches

Few of the amazing beaches with no facilities on French side are Plum Bay and Baie Rouge, where the sea can be a little rough and there is almost no shade at all. You could also take a short hike from Friar’s Bay to Happy Bay Beach – the name says it all – where the sea is mostly calmer and there is plenty of trees and bushes for some natural shade.