Savings as (new) SXM resident

Savings as a new SXM resident. Now, those tips  are mostly welcome, right? I’ve got your back, here are a few, and I will keep collecting more:

If you live on the island, you will receive discounts from some business owners. This is often already communicated on their website. 

Bright Path Caribbean

If you are planning on applying for legal residency, starting a business, opening a bank account, or retiring in the Caribbean… Use Bright Path Caribbean and use my $100 discount code EH-8852. Book a free consultation. Photo of Catamaran Charter in Sint Maarten - Champagne on Renegades Luxury Catamaran

Magic of the Caribbean

Get a Magic of the Caribbean Card and save 10% at many restaurants, bars, stores and various activities. Check out all cooperating organizations here. We saved the purchase amount of $29 within a week!

SuperU & Carrefour

When you do your shopping at SuperU or one of the two big Carrefours, you can request a loyalty card. At SuperU, you save an amount with each purchase. You can redeem this the next time you shop. Or you can continue saving for a while longer. At Carrefour, you save points, which are awarded in the form of a voucher every October. You pick up the voucher at the counter and can redeem it for your groceries.

Facebook Page ‘SXM or Bust!’

The Facebook page SXM or Bust! gives the SXM entrepreneurs to promote their business by offering discounts to the group members of this page. So, become a member of the page and find out about the offered discounts.

Do you know any?

If you know more ways, please let me know, and I’ll add them.

Now you covered the basics! Ask me if there is anything else you would like to know. Now go to the About SXM page and find out about all the fun stuff you can do now and every day! Enjoy!!